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Unmasking the truth: How to find truth in a sea of lies

There's a lot of anxiety and fear right now over the future of our nation. I encourage you to be still in the face of your fears.

When we calm our fears we're able to see what's really real, discern the times, and enter a peace that goes beyond our understanding.

So how can you know what's true right now when there's so much division and confusion? What are the real facts? Who can we listen to? Who can we trust?

One way to unmask the truth is by learning how your brain filters information. We all think we're so smart, but is it possible our brain is seeing things the way it wants to see them?

Lets find out...

Understand your brain

Your brain has a remarkable way of finding the truth if you train it to do so. The untrained brain, however, has built-in filters that make everything fit into its personal reality. Anything that doesn't fit into "your truth" is rejected. 

I love this fish picture. It's such a good depiction of how our brain filters information to fit our personal truth.

We don't know when we are being deceived because the information is literally altered by our brain to fit into our respective narratives. Add the power of agreement to that altered reality and you get augmented reality. We call this social proof. When two or more people agree on something our brain tells us it must be true. This works in faith, and it works in discord.

This perception factor also explains how two people can look at the same set of facts and conclude two entirely different things. It's like the ambiguous black and white image of the old woman and young maiden. They both exist within the same picture depending on how your mind sees it.

But do fish masks and ambiguous images mean there are two different truths and it's all just a matter of how you view things?

Hmmm... maybe, but we wouldn't call the world of a schizophrenia patient truthful, just because it's their reality.

So, how on earth are you supposed to get through your filters to know what's really true?

Ask Why?

First, you must be open to finding the truth. You need to be respectful of perspective and opposing viewpoints even when you strongly disagree. You also need to understand the power of persuasion and suggestion to convince you of someone else's truth. The more agreement there is the more will believe it. Its called "group think" or "mob mentality". To keep from being trapped in them you must know what you believe and why, based on verifiable, unshakable facts.

It's the classic fairy tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

It's not wrong to believe your own eyes...

...but, knowing that the brain is both filtered and persuadable, it might be worth taking the time to do some investigation before you buy into the king's fashion line. You might be right or you might be wrong. There might indeed be two perspectives, but before you put on the king's wardrobe and parade it around town you might want to make sure you've covered all your bases.

The way you do that is to be inquisitive. Ask yourself, "Why?" questions, because thy unlock your brain's ability to problem solve. Pretty soon patterns will start to emerge. Dots will start to connect. Disconnects will reveal themselves and your resources will prove to be reliable or unreliable. Don't take anyone's word for it unless it's someone you trust with your life and they've proven their wisdom and knowledge of a subject... even then, trust but verify; we all have filters to navigate.

You must do your own research by going to the sources for first-hand information and evidence. No hearsay. That means unless your news source is reporting only the facts, backed by concrete, proven, verifiable evidence, with no personal filter or persuasion interjected, can that source be trusted. Guess who has to do the fact checking? You do. Just because someone says something is or isn't true, doesn't make it so.

Man, this sounds like a lot of work. Yup, it is, and when you have "group think" putting social pressure on you to conform most people just follow the flock off the cliff instead of doing their own research and taking a stand against the herd mentality. When everyone is telling you they are right and you are wrong, you better know all the facts and the falsehoods.

The Bible says my people die for a lack of knowledge. It also says Satan is a liar and the father of all lies. Think about it. His first assault against humanity was a lie, and he's been lying ever since.

So, again I ask, how is a mom supposed to navigate these polarizing times, how do we know what's true, and how do we teach our children to discern the truth?