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3 life lessons you can teach with a pumpkin

Did you know carving pumpkins creates a perfect teachable moment? Join Cooper (my grandson) and I and we'll show you how to use a pumpkin to teach your children and grandchildren 3 powerful life-lessons. The real pearl, however, is not the pumpkin lessons, it's how to teach your children to use their gifts as I'm demonstrating with Cooper. One of the most powerful secret weapons of raising upright kids in an upside-down world is to help them find their purpose by nurturing their gifts and talents. Cooper is only 4-years old but already you'll see what a natural communicator he is. No one taught him this, it's just in him. When we nurture these gifts in our children, we help them discover the bigger "why" for their life and instill a greater purpose that's essential for emotional health and safety... which in turn leads to happy, healthy lives. Click the link below to get the lesson download and demonstration video of "3 Life Lessons You Can Teach With a Pumpkin" and see how easy it is to teach your children lessons that stick! "Life Lessons from a Pumpkin!"

For Happy, Healthy Homes and Schools!


Deanna Rhinehart, Championeers! Emotional Safety Education Systems




For about the same price as a latte' you can get all the fun and powerful ESE lessons in a done-for-you monthly subscription. Designed for busy parents to introduce a single concept into your home culture then build on it throughout the month. Just follow along and enjoy! ESE Grants provide 50% savings!

  • Super fun themes kids go crazy over!

  • Powerful life-skills and coping tools throughout!

  • Build your family culture through play!



  • Halloween Family Night

  • Christmas Family Rules

  • The Ultimate Parenting Guide


I hope you enjoyed this information as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. To receive the latest research, application ideas, and freebies!

and Forward to your friends!



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