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Defining Women...

redefine education

Cultural reformation begins with you.

"How to" Webinar coming soon...

Be the Reformation

Calling all moms to love and mentor your community...

Give your community an alternative to education with Champions College and Champions Parallel Schools (hybrid co-op).


Champions College redefines education with a hybrid Christian Community College alternative that blends online classes with in-person instruction. Our approach provides platforms for women and community members to share their talents and skills with others for enrichment or for career training. This mentorship-based format provides debt-free education with a three-track focus in Life, Career, and Bible to prepare students of all ages to succeed in all aspects of life.


Champions Parallel Schools (co-op) bring the same power-filled programs to K-12 to provide an educational alternative based on traditional Biblical values that reinforce the home.

Check out Champions website then give me a call to discuss how our partner programs work.

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