Expect a child to amaze you... and they will. - Deanna 


Deanna Rhinehart is a forerunner in Emotional Safety Education, family-life, and campus culture development. Her background in education, business, psychology, leadership, ministry, and the performing arts provides a vast range of experience and expertise as she pulls from all these areas to address critical youth and family-life issues. 




  • A forerunner in Emotional Safety Education, Family-LIfe, and Campus Culture Development systems.

  • Creator of the Championeers! Emotional Safety Education System.

  • Director of Championeers! Children's Theater and Production Studios.

  • Author of more than 60 books and musical productions. 

  • Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in child psychology and music.

  • 35-years teaching experience in pre-k through post-graduate

  • Presentor at the National Elementary School Principals Association

  • Adjunct professor with NNU

  • Former Owner/Director of one of the largest music conservatories outside the Seattle area.

  • Developer of the Network Piano Teaching System

  • Creator of Family Night Adventures

  • Founder and President of Champions College 

  • Founder and President of the Mom-E-School

  • Founder of Fearless Youth International and Limitless

  • Creator of Workforce Training Solutions

  • Creator of Churchforce Training Solutions


Deanna is available to speak, teach or put on workshops for:


  • Businesses

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Adult/Youth Leadership Forums

  • PTA Conferences

  • Educators Conferences

  • Principal Conventions

  • Superintendent Conventions

  • Homeschool Organizations

  • Youth Rallies and Retreats

  • Women's Ministry Events

  • Church Conferences

Call 208-741-1947 for bookings