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Hi, I'm Deanna

After a suicide epidemic claimed several of my friends in high school, I dedicated my life to helping others discover their incredible value and unlock their limitless potential. I don't believe in smoke screens and illusionary lifestyles so I keep it as real and raw as it gets. Everyone suffers pain and injustices on many levels. My specialty is in helping people heal from those wounds on a neurological level that flips road blocks into bridges for happy, healthy, successful lives.  Ive been able to build these tools into curriculum and systems for children through adults, for each arena and aspect of life as you live them. 

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Deanna Rhinehart is a forerunner in Emotional Safety Education, family-life & campus culture development, and the founder of Champions College. When she's not helping to create a happier, healthier world for others, she enjoys life on their multi-generational family homestead. Together with her husband of 38 years, all of their children, all their grandchildren, and all the dogs, farm pets, and horticulture one's heart could hold, they live grateful lives, facing each day with the principles they've learned and shared with others. 


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  • A forerunner in Emotional Safety Ed for Family-LIfe, & Campus Culture Development

  • Creator of the Championeers! Emotional Safety Education System

  • Founder and President of Champions College 

  • Founder of the Mom-E-School

  • Founder of Fearless Youth International

  • Creator of Workforce Training Solutions

  • Director of Championeers! Children's Theater and Productions

  • Author of more than 40 books and musical productions 

  • Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in child psychology, home economics, education, and music

  • 40-years teaching experience in pre-k through post-graduate

  • Presentor at the National Elementary School Principals Association

  • Former adjunct professor with NNU

  • Former Owner of NW Conservatory of Music

  • Creator of Family Night Adventures


Deanna is available to speak, teach or train at your location. Contact:



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