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When Moms Pray

I have been working on the mom-e-school for 15 years! To say I'm excited to finally launch it is an understatement!!!

We live in a time that is unlike any other in history, with blessings and opportunities that are unparalleled to none. Yet, families are struggling, two million youth attempt suicide each year, marriages are strained, finances limit our dreams, and according to the Center for Disease Controle, suicide is one of the top leading cause of death for adults under the age of 44 and the second leading cause of death of children as young as 10-years old!

It's time for the mother's anointing to be released in and through you.

There has been a lot of attention given to the importance of the Father's anointing in the life of a child and in the identity of the church but this is not to overshadow the equally important mother's anointing. The role of mothers has been assaulted on every level leaving women confussed on who we are, how to raise our children, and how to keep our family from unraveling. That's because moms are the last defense that keeps the enemey from devouring our children. Destroy the dad and the mom must defend her home alone; destroy the mom and the children have no defender at all.

There are no laws, schools, youth groups, or social policies that can take the place of the Mother's Anointing that's in you. You are the only one who can take back your family, marriage, children, finances, health, and home. No one can do it for you; but we can help each other take back what's been lost and in Christ see it restored.

This wont be easy but we can do it—we must do it. We're going to link arms with each other until we see the glory, and victory of God arise in all of our lives.

Some of you are seasoned moms who have gone through the storms and survived—we need you to be the mature women of faith scripture talks about, so this is just as much for you as for the younger moms beginning their journey or those who are in the midst of their own storms who need you to be their lighthouse.

I'm asking every mom I know to concider being a mommy mentor for the women around you and then equip those moms to be mommy mentors to their friends. It's the old fashioned knitting circle where women learned how to be moms from other moms.

You would be shocked if you truly knew the desperation of most of the women you know... we just can't tell anyone, because we're moms and we have to keep everything together or it will all fall apart. But who's going to hold us when all the forces of hell are knocking at our door to devour all that we love. Sound dramatic? Oh, this is pretty much the journey of every woman whether you realize it or not.

It's time to go on the offense. Let's start this journey right now:


We're going to learn to pray like we've never prayed before. You are the key to everything your family, community, and nation desperately needs. Click Here to get your "When Moms Pray" scripture card.


Join women in ministry as we UNITE our dreams and vision for revival and reformation. Each month we'll address a unique issue facing women in ministry, and support the vision God has written on each of our hearts, but we aren't gathering for the sake of one more meeting. We invite you to participate in hosting Valley-Wide women's, and mother-daughter events as a UNITED WOMEN'S MINISTRY, to inspire, empower and equip the women throughout the entire region. Each of our ministies are uniquely important but together, we are exponentially more powerful. Unite.

3. ACT

Register for the "When Moms Pray" Ladies Night Out in your region. This is the first of a series of events, but they aren't like other events that inspire us for a day and then we're back to facing the overwhelming giants in our life. Each event is followed up with resources designed to help women take back their lives, piece by piece, and can be studied independently, with a friend, or through a women's Bible study. If we do this right, no mom or precious young woman will feel alone again.

Okay, my dear friends, we can do this. Every one of us must step into our Mother's Anointing, as the defenders of our home and family. These resources are free so send this to every mom and women in ministry you know and let's watch what happens when moms stand shoulder to shoulder to pray and protect our families.

With much love, Deanna

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