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The 3 in 1 School


Bible Classes coordinate with your Life and Impact Ministries classes to succeed in every aspect of your life! 

Bible Classes


The gospel of the Kingdom brings freedom in every area of your life, but more importantly, it introduces you to the King himself. In this series, you'll discover God's incredible love for you; a love so intimate and deep that you cannot remain the same once you've experienced it. We'll walk through seven aspects of your salvation that Jesus redeemed for you through his life, death, and resurrection. We call this journey The Transformation Year.

Biblical Studies 1 Certification


  • Book One: Loved

  • Book Two: Saved

  • Book Three: Healed

  • Book Four: Delivered

  • Book Five: Filled

  • Book Six: Sent

  • Book Seven: Sustained

  • Each course helps you conquer a different aspect of your life!


  • Six to eight self-paced video/podcast lessons to learn at home, church, or while you commute!

  • Take ala carte classes or complete all 3 tracks to launch an Impact Ministry!

The 3 in 1 school


Life | Bible | Impact



Life Success

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Applied Kingdom Culture 



Ministry Team Rotations

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Discover the incredible power of love and how it releases all the keys of The Kingdom


He's more than a story, he's your story and the depths of his love for you goes far beyond what most of us can fathom. This is your love story that starts from before the foundations of the earth, and will continue to grow to the end of time. Until you know 


This course includes 7 lessons:


  • Intro to Love

  • Beyond Salvation

  • The Battle Against God's Love

  • In Search for a Father

  • In Pursuit of Love

  • One with Love

  • Application Project

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The hidden mystery of why Jesus really came, what he really did, and how to walk in the same miraculous power.


In Redeeming Love, you'll discover new insights into the depth of your incredible salvation and redemption through the power of God's love. You'll also explore why your flesh battles with your spirit for control and how to win that battle once and for all. 

This course includes 7 lessons:


  • Sozo

  • The Master Plan

  • The Origins of Evil

  • Rebellion of a King

  • Heaven's Gate

  • The Battle for Lordship

  • Application Project

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Discover the atoning power of the blood to bring you face to face with God


In Beyond The Veil you'll discover Jesus as the ultimate atonement to restore the union of God and man. This union literally brings heaven to earth to heal and restore us, emotionally, physically, and spiritually through restorative love. 


This course includes 7 lessons:


  • Discovering the Secret Place

  • Born into Sin

  • The Law and The Word 

  • The Atonement

  • The Blood

  • Beyond the Veil

  • Application Project

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Unlock the floodgates of Heaven and tear down the strongholds that keep you from God's blessings 


Healthy people are free from bondage and spiritual oppression. The Gates and High Places is an introduction to spiritual warfare and deliverance. You'll explore the causes of bondage and the strongholds that keep you captive as well as the spiritual tools and kingdom keys that free you through the power of Christ.


This course includes 7 lessons:


  • Relinquished from Captivity

  • The Gates and High Places

  • Three Battlefronts

  • Generals in the Sandbox

  • Demonic Deliverance

  • The Weapons of Our Warfare

  • Application Project

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Discover your identity in Christ and your authority in the Holy Spirit


The incredible work of the cross allowed for the Holy Spirit to come fill us with His presence, but what exactly does that mean? You'll discover who the Holy Spirit is and what it means to have Christ within you. As you discover your identity in Christ you'll find a new sense of purpose, joy, peace, contentment, and passion for life. 


This course includes 7 lessons:


  • Reinstatement: Prodigal Son

  • The Holy Spirit of a Living God

  • Fruit of the Spirit: Root reveals Fruit

  • Christ in Me: The Hope of Glory

  • The Mountain of our God

  • Project 7 Overview

  • Application Project

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secret place


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Discover the secret to sustained blessings and continual increase in the Kingdom of God


You can not obtain or sustain the Kingdom apart from God. It is only found in the Secret Place. This course helps you establish a lifestyle of intimacy where the supernatural and love overflow. 

This course includes 7 lessons:


  • The Seven Churches of Revelations: 

  • Sustained by Love

  • Sustained in the Secret Place

  • Sustained by Truth

  • Giants of Abortion & Identity

  • Giants of Words & Accusations

  • Application Project

Bible School

Kingdom Culture Certificate

These classes are currently only available to Mom Groups as part of the Mom-E-School. Start a Mom Group and we'll get you all set up or subscribe to the Moms Newsletter for individual release dates! 


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