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Defining Women...
Change The World for Children

... with Championeers! Kids in Ministry

Be the Reformation

Calling all moms to love and mentor children. Supercharge your children's ministry with tools and training to equip volunteers, staff, and parents with powerful tools for true transformation and reformation!

Bring the magic of Championeers! to your Children's Ministries with the Kids in Ministry system!

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Championeers! Kids in Ministry re-defines children's ministry with powerful life skills and counseling tools merged with the Word to equip children to navigate critical youth issues.

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Student workbooks coordinate with family life development resources to equip the whole family.

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Captivate students and leave them begging for more when delightful characters bring lessons to life with weekly episodes, activities, and optional performances, and fundraising events.

The first children's church curriculum designed to heal children from trauma while equipping them to navigate critical youth issues. There's SOOO much exciting info we dedicate an entire website to this incredibly powerful system. 

Note:  The Championeers! System was developed to empower and equip children from extremely differing cultural backgrounds using intrinsic truths... by design to build culture on our commonalities. It is perfect for both public schools and religious education of all denominations because the values and specific belief systems of each group, school, family, church, and organization will be unique but the intrinsic truths remain common to all people. 

To honor the differences inherent in the users of this system, Championeers! designed our websites and marketing materials to reflect the power of intrinsic truths void of religious or political opinions. Instead, we provide an accompanying guidebook with additional resources and training specific to public or private implementation. 

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