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How long is a child's attention span?

Championeers! is carefully sequenced to gain maximum benefit in a short amount of time.

Family Night is just one night a week so we want every moment to count. Much of your success will depend on your mastery of timing and sequencing.

The rule of thumb is that children can focus one minute for every year of their age. For example, the maximum time limit for a 5-year-old is 5 minutes. To accommodate this, you must change up activities every few minutes.

Marketing studies on adults, however, show that we begin to lose interest after 10 seconds if something does not change in a media presentation (such a PowerPoint presentation or a commercial). Our media-driven world totally impacts the pace at which we must now teach to keep students engaged.

I am not suggesting a new activity every ten seconds, but you do need to constantly vary how and what you are teaching. Even if you are working on the same element for more than 5 minutes you can change it up by teaching it multiple ways in multiple layers. The important thing is keep it fun, and keep it moving.

Together, we can do this,



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