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3 simple tricks to fun family nights.

I trust you are having a blast in your Family Night Adventures. I also want to encourage you to be patient if you're having some rough spots. It can take a little bit to get in the flow of things and re-establish your family culture. Here are some tricks to help you get that flow going.

#1 Fake it until you make it

Kids just want to have fun! They aren't too concerned with what that looks like as long as it's fun. If you tell them it's fun, and you act like it's fun, they'll follow your lead and you'll all have fun together. Be aware, however, they somehow know if you are not fully present and will not engage beyond your level of enthusiasm.

#2 Keep it simple

Kids have crazy imaginations. You don't have to be elaborate, just creative. For example, if you tell your children their pizza is actually a flying saucer from Mars, they'll gobble every last interplanetary pepperoni right off their plate as if they were on the Apollo mission itself. Tell them they can't use their hands or utensils to eat their "flying saucer" and now we're talking shear childhood bliss.

#3 Keep it moving

This kiss of death in any child activity is timing. You almost can't out energize them. One thing that helps with flow is timing and sequencing. It takes a little bit to get it down, but once you do, you’ll be amazed at how children respond to the fast-paced, camp format. Don’t go against their energy, embrace it and channel it in the direction you want to go.

  • Keep your agenda handy

  • Have everything you need laid out the night before.

  • Practice your timing.

  • Practice quick, energetic transitions.

  • Review your lessons in advance.

Together, we can do this,



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