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Empowering women for cultural reformation through personal transformation

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A Ministry of Champions College

Defining Women...

       ...define their world

Hi, I'm Deanna. 

I help women take back their lives and homes. As the founder of Champions College, I not only developed the Mom-E-School with the same counseling and educational tools used by the experts, I lived every class as I wrote them to take back my own life and home. In this mentorship program I teach you how to:

  • Manage your home like a CEO

  • Put an end to the chaos and overwhelm

  • Build enduring love

  • Raise upright kids in an upside-down world

  • Gain financial peace and freedom

  • Step into your purpose-filled, extraordinary life

  • — and then we mentor other moms to do the same.


Take a class online, join a group or host a group! Defining Women really can have it all. Join me to learn how.  

...Happy Ever After Starts Here. 


with mom-e-school... 

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Defining Women
define culture!

Women are the definers of culture because our homes are the building blocks of society. As a woman goes, so goes her home, and as the home goes, so goes culture... and as culture goes, so goes a nation.


Heal the mommy and equip her to heal the home and everything else gets fixed.

This is real life so grab your coffee and in a Bible study format I'll show you how to build your happy, healthy life and home, step-by-step, piece-by-piece. You'll gain Biblically-based life skills and family counseling tools as we go through every chamber of your heart, closet in your home, relationship in your family, and aspect of your life with God's healing transformative power. 


 Choose a track | Choose a class  | Change your life!

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Family School

Family Night Adventures

Family Nights are the single most important thing you can do as a family.

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Life School

Take Back Your Life

Stop the overwhelm, build a happy, healthy home, and create the life of your dreams.

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Bible School

Kingdom Culture 101

Transform your life through the one-year Kingdom Culture Certificate.

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Ministry-Career School

Family Life Coach

Stop the overwhelm, build a happy, healthy home, and create the life of your dreams.

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  • Affordable prices allow you to choose just one class or the entire Life Transformation program! 

  • Each self-paced course helps you take back a different aspect of your life!


  • Classes contain six to eight self-paced video lessons to learn at home, church, or while you commute!


  • Start a home-based ministry career and mentor others as an affiliate Family Life Consultant and get paid for being a mom!


START NOW... your 7-Day Jumpstart is on me!



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7-Day Jumpstart: FAITH WORKS 

Nothing happens without prayer, but faith without actions is dead (James 2).  Defining Women learn to pray and act with stealth accuracy for powerful results! Faith Works is a 7-day application course designed to jumpstart your journey through actionable prayer. 



When Mom's Pray - Daily Prayer Guide: Customized to release faith, open the gates of Heaven, break strongholds, and align us with God's purposes on the earth.

7-Day Activation: Brings the power of Heaven into the earth by turning things not yet seen into reality. These daily challenges release the power of Heaven into the culture of your home through practical application, specifically over your children.

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Being a mom is the greatest and most difficult job on the planet! There's nothing easy about keeping children alive, and contrary to myth, women aren't born knowing how to raise humans, navigate marriage, and manage a home— and yet, the human race has been entrusted to us! (No pressure.)


What's crazy is we're on our own trying to figure it all out with no training, tools or guidance! Moms need expertise in every subject from tech to nutrition to family counseling. We're worried, afraid, stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, and often on our own. 

Mom-E-School is a step-by-step mentorship program to first empower women to know their identity and walk in the fullness of it, then bring that healing and strength into the home.

It starts with you, right now, right where you are.




Family Night Adventures is a fun and powerful way to strengthen relationships, teach values, and build happy, healthy homes. 

Family Night is one of the most powerful tools you can implement in your home.



Mom-e-School takes you on a journey of personal reformation as we go through every room of our homes, each chamber of our hearts and every aspect of our lives.



The ultimate life planner and home organizer



The gospel of the Kingdom brings freedom in every area of your life, but more importantly, it introduces you to the King himself. Go through the Transformation Year, then customize a Biblical Studies program for your life's calling! 


It's Bible College for everyone



I know the struggles women face and the lists we go through every night as we lay in bed worrying how we'll ever get it all done. What if you could come home? This track takes you through a Business Innovation Certification program as a Family Life Consultant so you can earn money doing what you love—being a mom.

Do what you love and love what you do. Be a Family Life Coach.



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Do you love people?

Can you make coffee?

Are you willing to learn as you go?

Great! Let's get you started! 

Mom-E-School (classes) can be a stand-alone program or implemented as part of your current ministry or group. Apply today to meet your coach and get your step-by-step welcome pack so you can get started right away!


Moms are the answer for a desperate world. You are the answer for desperate moms. 
Be a Mom-E-Mentor.




Deanna has been working with families and at-risk youth for nearly 40-years with a background in education, child psychology, business, leadership, and the arts as a forerunner in emotional health and safety education and campus culture development. Deanna's love for fun, family, and the arts are reflected in her approach to family therapy and learning through play.

Her greatest passion, however, is helping moms discover the mantle of motherhood, advocating that moms shape the fabric of society, and define culture as we define our lives and homes. Together with her daughter Brittney, they help women take back their lives and homes and then empower those moms to mentor others to take back their lives and homes—  with the Mom-E-School. 

...Happy Ever After Starts Here 

START NOW... your 7-Day Jumpstart is on me!




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7-Day Jumpstart: FAITH WORKS 

Start small, start strong with this simple 7-Day jumpstart to re-activate the power of prayer in your life.

  • Discover the power of praying the Word to break strongholds and release breakthroughs.

  • Learn how faith works when released through your actions.

  • Watch how God partners with your faith and actions to bring change.