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7-Day Jumpstart

7-Day Jumpstart Inro Video



7 Day Jumpstart Cover web.jpg

Watch this introductory video first and preview your Getting Started Guide. Tomorrow morning I'll send your first Jumpstart challenge. 

You might notice that these videos are pre-pandemic. In fact, they were filmed in 2016, before parents were more aware of what is happening in their children's schools. You'll hear my careful language and approach to remain as school-friendly as possible. I love education and educators, and the precious children who attend both public and private schools. Every child deserves to be emotionally safe on campus so I hope that someday every school will be ESE certified.

Unfortunately, we have some really, really harmful agendas and policies that have nefariously seeded themselves in academia to undermine healthy culture. Without intentional culture development with the 7 essentials, every home, school, and church campus is at risk. If you have ears you'll hear that the 7 essentials are the antithesis to CRT and are therefore the antidote. Teach these in your home, then present the Championeers! Emotional Safety Ed programs to your PTA or school board as the perfect alternative to CRT... then volunteer to spearhead it. When 6% of the schools do this, our nation will reach a tipping point back toward healthy culture.

Look at that! You haven't even watched the first video and already you are positioned to save the world! We'll talk more about this later, but just consider what would happen if schools, homes, and churches all reinforced the essential elements. It would be enough to rebuild the culture of an entire nation!


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