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Three ways to

mentor moms, and get paid

Cultural reformation begins with you.

Defining Women...
Define Their World

... and get paid for it!

Get paid being a mom-e-mentor

1. Earn While You Learn  

Become an affiliate teammate to earn commission for sharing the latest mom-e-news and resources.

2. Lead a Class  
Live your best life and get paid mentoring moms by leading classes.

3. Host a School  
Lead a Mom-E-School in your church or home with Defining Women's all-in-one, hands-on approach to women's ministry. Use commissions to provide scholarships, fund projects, or generate income.

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Take Back Your Life...

be the reformation

Moms are the epicenter of cultural reform starting in your own life and home. Each mom must stand for your own household against the battle over the mind and soul of your children—but you need new tools for this new warfare.


I'll teach you the essential tools required to protect your home, heal your mind from the wounds of past trauma, and transform your life to be more than an overcomer! Then we'll set up your women's ministry with step-by-step instructions for everything from marketing to managing to mentoring to multiplying.

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Be the Reformation

Calling all moms to love and mentor moms. Start a mom-e-school in your...






women's shelter



coffee shop



Join me for this message to discover why moms are the only hope
to save the family and the key to reformation in your home.