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What's Your Story...


A new way to do business based on your living testimony and the power of a seed!



 ...But how can people call on him for help if they’ve not yet believed? And how can they believe in one they’ve not yet heard of? And how can they hear the message of life if there is no one there to proclaim it? And how can the message be proclaimed if messengers have yet to be sent? How welcome is the arrival of those proclaiming the joyful news of peace and of good things to come! John 10:14-15

Seeds become trees in the Kingdom of God, where the Oaks of Righteousness bring healing to the nations. It begins with your seeds of faith and the power of your living testimony. As you share seeds of hope and nourish them in others, Champions stewards a portion of the harvest (new students) back to the laborer (you). 


Our philosophy is simple; we prefer to put money in our students' pockets for sharing your journey rather than line the pockets of big tech with advertising dollars. We also believe ministry and career can and should be the same, so we created ministry-careers for Kingdompreneurs, in your case mompreneurs, to provide for the laborers to reap as you sow. 


There are four affiliate types; influencer, coach, mentor, and director.


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Affiliate influencers are moms who start a MOMS GROUP and/or share your transformation journey through social media. Earn commission when someone enrolls through your Affiliate Influencer link. In essence it's a work-study scholarship that develops the foundations of your social-media ministries.

It's that easy!



  • Personal Enrichment

  • Extra Cash

  • Social Connection

This is a great way to make a little extra cash to bridge the gap in your budget for those little extras. Affiliates earn money toward school, mission trips, save for a car, or have a little extra pocket money just for you… the more you post, and the more re-posts you can inspire, the more you can make.

Share Your Story


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Graduates of the Family Life Coach (FLC) program who maintain good standing within Champions' coaching network are eligible to facilitate host classes and peer mentoring using Champions' resources and tools. Coaches earn commission 4 ways:

  • From small or one-on-one study groups

  • For facilitating hosted locations

  • From your Influencer Referral Links

  • From each of your student's Influencer Links



  • Personal Enrichment

  • Dream Purchases: College, Car, Trips,

  • Modest Income Enrichment

  • Mentorship Relationships

What could you do with $500-$5,000 a month? Could you buy that new house or get the car you've been dreaming of? Could you leave your job for full-time ministry? When you mentor others as a Limitless Life Coach, you not only build enriching relationships you receive affiliate commission. It's perfect for ministry entrepreneurs, youth pastors, parents, and students who desire to host classes on your school or church campus.

Share Your Hope


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You become a mentor coach when one or more of your FLC students becomes a coach in your network team. Mentors work closely with your team to uphold Champions standards and provide emotional, social, and spiritual support for new coaches to succeed and excel. Mentors receive their regular commission plus an affiliate commission from tuition and resource sales of each member of their coaching team. Mentors earn commission 4 ways:

  • Facilitating your own hosted groups and classes

  • From your Influencer referral links

  • From each of your student's Influencer links

  • From your student's, student's Influencer links



  • Personal Enrichment

  • College, Travel, House, Cars, Lifestyle

  • Moderate Income Replacement

  • Mentor Relationships & Business Success


I like to call this the “Grandma” level. It’s when coaches successfully mentor their teams to form and mentor their own teams. Earning potential brings exponential returns at this level providing business-minded individuals a moderate ministry-based income with flexible hours.

Share Your Ministry



A mentor coach becomes a director when one or more of her coaches becomes a mentor coach with their own team. Directors provide support for their mentor coaches as they learn how to lead teams to excellence in business and ministry.  Directors receive their regular class commission, affiliate commission from each member of their coaching team, and an additional commission from each student within their coach's teams.

  • For facilitating your own hosted groups and classes

  • From your Influencer referral links

  • From each of your student's Influencer links

  • From your student's, student's Influencer links

  • From your student's, student's, student's links



  • Personal Enrichment

  • Executive Life-style

  • Moderate to High Income

  • Mentor Relationships

  • Achieve Director-Level Business Success

Directors reach the “Great Grandma” level when one or more of your Team Coaches becomes a Mentor Coach. Affiliate commission is recieved from each sale within your coaching teams, their team, and their team's teams. You'll not only gain the financial freedom you've dreamt of, but you'll also empower others to reach their dreams!

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