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Defining Women...

    ...define their world

Equipping moms to build happy, healthy lives and homes


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Women aren't born knowing how to raise humans, navigate marriage, and manage a home— and yet, the human race has been entrusted to us! (No pressure.)


Moms Groups are the modern-day Knitting Circle where women do life together while learning professional tools for building happy, healthy children, lives, and homes!


Be part of an authentic community of women passionate about their homes and families.


Join my Moms Group to be mentored and loved, then start a group with your friends to share what you learn


Moms Group systematically addresses issues of the heart & home through interactive podcast-style classes


Bite-sized action items accompany each lesson for immediate and lasting change 

What are Moms Groups?

JOIN NOW... and get started with the 7-Day Jumpstart!

what you get...

When Mom's Pray:  This daily prayer card leads you through mountain-moving prayers starting today 

How to Raise Upright Kids in an Upside-Down World: Discover the 7 essential elements required for happy, healthy lives and homes

7-Day Activation: Release the power of Heaven into the culture of your home with these simple activations

You'll jump right into some power-packed resources to get you started right now, then you and I (and any friends you have over coffee) will begin a step-by-step journey to take back your life and build happy, healthy homes.

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